Robotic Surgeries

Gynecologists can carry out a variety of difficult treatments with greater accuracy, adaptability, and control using Robotic Surgeries in Gujarat, also known as Robot-Assisted Surgery, than is achievable with traditional methods. Operations done through small incisions, is frequently linked to robotic surgery. Additionally, it is occasionally utilised during various types of open surgery. The robotic technology, according to our gyneconcologists who have used it, enhances precision, flexibility, and control during the procedure and provides them a better view of the area.Robotic Surgeries in Ahmedabad allows gyneconcologist surgeons to do delicate and complex procedures that would be difficult or impossible to perform with other methods.

One of the top robotic surgeries in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Dr. Kalpana Kothari specialise in robotic, oncologist, as well as open surgery for genitourinary cancer.

The Benefits of Robotic Surgeries :
  • Less Pain and Blood Loss
  • Smaller, less noticeable scars
  • Shorter Hospital stay and Quicker Recovery
  • Fewer Complications, such as Surgical site Infection

Risk Factors For Robotic Surgeries :
  • When Robotic Surgery is conducted with smaller incisions, the risk of infection is reduced
  • Robotic surgery always results in less tissue damage for the patient, promoting quicker recovery
  • Less blood transfusions are needed as a result of the low blood loss that occurs during robotic surgery
  • Due to the equipment and the robot's accuracy, robotic surgery is much more exact than conventional surgical techniques
  • The surgeon can see better and make better decisions since they have a greater understanding of what is happening during the procedure