Every form of Cancer that affects a woman's reproductive system is referred to as gynecologic Cancer. According to which body organ is impacted, Cancer is always given a name. The pelvis of a woman is the region between the hip bones and beneath the stomach. Your gynecologic malignancies will be treated by a competent Gynaecological Cancer Surgeon in Ahmedabad, gujarat. Therefore, you have definitely come to the right site if you are looking for the Top Cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad, gujarat.

Dr. Kalpana Kothari is the best cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As a cancer specialist, she provides complete cancer treatment for ovarian cancer, ovary cancer, female cancer, robotic surgery, and other cancers. Dr. Kalpana Kothari is best Cancer specialist in Ahmedabad and she is the doctor of Top Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Cancer Specialist Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Dr. Kalpana Kothari has performed both radical procedures and organ preservation surgeries (fertility preservation surgery) (for locally advanced cancers). She is knowledgeable with the most recent developments in oncology because she is a qualified medical practitioner. She is an expert in robotic and laparoscopic surgeries for pelvic Cancer. She specialises in HIPEC (Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy), which is a surgical procedure for ovarian Cancer.

Early stage localised Cancer is amenable to surgery. Curative Cancer surgery may not be possible in cases of advanced stage and disease that has spread to many organs. Female Cancer Doctor in Ahmedabad determines the operability of a Cancer mass using clinical examination, radiographic examinations, endoscopy, and, if necessary, laproscopic results. The surgical removal of a tumour necessitates the removal of the tumour mass with safe margins and lymph nodes, the re-establishment of anatomical routes, and, if necessary, the sacrifice of important structures like major veins. dr. kalpana kothari is best Cancer doctors in Ahmedabad.

Therefore, Cancer doctor in gujarat, Dr. Kalpana Kothari is your greatest option in the city if you're searching for the Best Cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad. She has years of experience treating Cancer patients of all types, and her facility is well-equipped with the most cutting-edge diagnostic equipment available. As one of the Cancer Specialist Surgeon in Gujarat, Dr. Kalpana Kothari provides treatment and care for a variety of cancers, to mention a few.

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